The school follows the curriculum provided by the Afghanistan Ministry of Education. Torch of Light School augment with Oxford based methodology and teach Computers, English and Modern Art.

Character Development: Students are trained to understand and encouraged to consistently make moral, ethical, and honorable decisions and constructive choices, alongside religious instruction.

Literacy: Students are provided the best possible opportunities for development through character-based Dari, Pashto and English languages curricula.

Global perspective: Students embrace global views by celebrating Teachers' Day, Global Cultural Day, United Nations Day, and other international and national events.

Critical thinking: Students are guided on how to think (versus what to think), and on how to learn, improving their abilities to gather and appreciate information.

Educational diversity: Students also engage in arts, athletics, and service learning.

Goals and Services

After 30 years of war, Torch of Light School provides to young kids from poor background knowledge, understanding and appreciation of peace, reconciliation, reintegration, and mental well-being.

Torch of Light School strives to offer a secure environment for local and former refugees settled in Kabul. Torch of Light School put particular focus on the mental and psychological conditions of the young learners.


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