What is Sola Yoga – Afghanistan ?

Afghan people are strongly, and almost unanimously, in favor of reconciliation and reintegration. It is essential to establish a common basis through which to end armed conflict and to enable all Afghans to live together in peace. Afghan civil society has played a pivotal role in the social uplift process in Afghanistan and has contributed to the overall process of nation and state-building in the country. Taking into account the vital role that civil society must play in the peace process, the government of Afghanistan invites civil society to join it in determining how they can act on the national desire for peace.

"This call to action has formed the framework of Sola - which means Peace in pashto and dari- Yoga – Afghanistan (SYA)."

SYA is a peace initiative based on the ancient/ancestral science of Yoga and meditation.Through SYA, participants will develop the tools they need to control their feelings and temper negative emotions such as frustration, anger, hatred, and revenge.

Yoga and meditation are timeless practices that help the participant to disconnect from their mind's constant chatter and experience the sweetness felt from the present moment. In response, the participant experiences less stress and anxiety. Yoga and meditation are non-political, non-religious methods that help to build greater bonds among people in their community. They will help participants understand how the mind and body can work together to foster greater health, live in greater truth, and enjoy greater happiness. Benefits of practicing Yoga and meditation are as follows :

  • Calm : When we practice, we become rested and relaxed.
  • Equanimity : Practice helps to raise performance level and to cope with stress and strain of life.
  • Health : Practice develops the brain, foster a state of inner coherence, and foster improvements in memory and problem solving skills. An improvement in brain functioning affects the rest of the body's physiology, including the reduction of high blood pressure, the strengthening of the heart, and the overall improvement of health.
  • Focus : Practice promotes stillness.
  • Balance : Practice helps one to forge better relationships with family and friends and to place higher value on life.
  • Creativity : Practice is a simple, effortless way to delve within to experience an ocean of pure consciousness, creativity, and knowings. This increases intuition, which promotes greater productivity.
  • Efficiency : Practice facilitates clarity of the mind, which improves one's ability to function in whatever tasks they are engaged in.
  • Happiness : Practice helps one to enjoy life.



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