How SYA be implemented ?

In collaboration with partner organizations, SYA is inviting Yoga and meditation teachers from different countries to train Afghans through a precisely laid out curriculum.

Each session of the course will require the teacher to train 20 Afghans for 500 hours much as Yoga Alliance-sanctioned teacher training programs in the West require such standards. Each graduate of the program will become a teacher in schools, jail, army, police, clinics, or other facilities, and over time the Afghan teachers can train new generations of Afghans to become teachers as well. The program is designed to become quickly sustainable through its integration within the government 's agencies and ministries.

A facility will need to be rented for training of new students. In this building, there will be Yoga and meditation classes for the public to attend. There will be a need for multiple rooms so as to accommodate simultaneous classes as well as administrative functions. As students complete the full 6 months of training, they can start to be dispatched into different communities and those communities' respective facilities.



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