Najibullah Assadi

Najibullah Assadi, MD, is a renowned medical doctor from Afghanistan who uses mind-body medicine and therapy to identify the causes of depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma with a special focus on the marginal and vulnerable groups.

Najibullah works as a policy maker at Medical University and Kabul University. He is the Founder of the Prison Health Department in the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of Afghanistan; Founder of DEWS (Disease Early Warning System); EPOS Health Management consultant to the MoPH of Afghanistan; a member the MoPH of Afghanistan; World Health Organization (WHO) consultant to the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan; a member of health technical working groups; and served as a focal point for developing policy reforms in health for prisoners in Afghanistan.

Najibullah Assadi has 13 years or experience in health both in the clinical and policy enviroments. After graduating Kabul Medical University, he worked with Intersos International as a psycho-social officer where he established a support system for refugees suffering from anxiety and depression. He later joined the public health sector and since 2002 he has focused on mental health, conducting a study in the causes of anxiety and depression among prisoners in Afghanistan.

Dr. Assadi's work has been featured on prison working group that seeks to develop ways to control communicable diseases.


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