Rohullah Sidiqullah

Rohullah Sidiqullah was born in Ghazni, Afghanistan and attended several schools for refugee's that were supported by international organizations in Peshawar after his family fled during the occupation of Afghanistan.

Rohullah received his B.A. in Political Science from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and a diploma in conflict resolution.

Rohullah is currently pursuing an MBA at Bakhtar University in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Rohullah has worked as a teacher in several refugee schools in Pakistan and later worked as a consultant, translator and teacher in Norway. After returning to Afghanistan he established Mashal-i-Jawedan, (Torch of Light) a private high school for boys and girls in 2011. He also worked in Afghanistan with international and national NGOs in the field of Training and Education.

He has worked with UNDP, Asia Foundation and International Rescue Committee (IRC) and speaks English, Arabic, French, Pashto, Dari, Norwegian and Urdu.

His vision is to promote education, peace and solidarity in Afghanistan by empowering children through education.


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