Amanuddin Foundation has been created in 2011 to:

  • Heal the wounds caused by three decades of war in Afghanistan by implementing alternative methods of personal development and community well-being, such as mind-body techniques in a humanitarian context, working with refugees, displaced, prisoners, students, Afghans who have suffered different form of trauma, or who are living in a post-conflict setting.
  • Promote the culture of peace and non-violence in schools and among the population.


Amanuddin Foundation is an independent, non profit educational foundation created in Kabul by the peace maker and writer Amandine Roche. Its mission is to promote the study of non-violence in order to establish and defend human rights, social justice and democracy in Afghanistan.


The Amanuddin Foundation goals are:

  • To heal mind and body of Afghan victims of war
  • To provide psychological help by using alternative therapies
  • To inspire, educate and support the practice of non-violence in Afghanistan
  • To promote non violence notion

Meaning of Amanuddin

In September 2001, Amandine Roche was invited by Taliban in Afghanistan as mehmon; a guest of honor in Afghanistan. The Taliban considered her as a sister because she has an Afghan sounding name : Amanuddin Khosh.

Amanuddin is a male Persian name. "Aman" means peace/security, and "djin" means religion. So the name translates to "religion of peace and security". And Roche is close to "Khosh" which means joy.


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